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    Fr Aiden McGrath, Legion of Mary

    Columban Missionary Fr. Aiden McGrath gave a talk in Sydney in 1957 on the Legion of Mary in China. It is interesting for today as we see some of the tactics of the communists are being used by the governments of the world. Red China was persecuting Catholics. Tactics were brainwashing...
  2. Samuel

    Fr. Isaac Relyea - Are You Full Of Fear?
  3. Samuel

    "We Are On The Verge Of A Potentially Genocidal Event" - Dr. Vladimir 'Zev' Zelenko

  4. Follow the Science?

    Follow the Science?

    Disclaimer: the following article is for educational and entertainment purposes only and should not be taken as medical or legal advice. If in doubt, please consult your own brain! Every year some of my older children organize a cowboy fun day for the local horse lovers, which they advertise...
  5. stmichaelssword

    The Satanic/Jewish Origin Of The Masonic Cry Of Liberty, Equality, Fraternity!

    Fr Denis Fahey, 1953: "Satan has not left us in doubt about his enthusiasm for the Declaration of the 'rights of man' & the principles of the French Revolution of 1789. 'Long live Liberty, Equality, Fraternity! That is the favourable time for us' are amongst the expressions used by the...
  6. Samuel

    The Perestroika Deception: Behind the Mask

    Putin is a proven fraud and communist, Russia and China in final preparations for military conquest of the West Part 1: Part 2:
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    Groundswell NZ

    “Standing Up Against Unworkable Regulations” Let’s Stand Together Against Unworkable Regulations and Unjustified Costs!
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    Australia announces 'New World Order' Total Lockdown
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    Fr. Isaac Relyea - As The Church Goes So Does Society!

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    In The Name Of Zion, Documentary

    Documentary, over 6 hours long, giving us a different picture of geopolitics and world history, from WWI through to today. Very sobering! Watch on Bitchute: In The Name Of Zion Warning: viewer discretion advised.
  11. Just What Is Communism?

    Just What Is Communism?

    I. Just What Is Communism? "What's wrong with Communism anyway?" — "If one would leave out the atheism and some of the Soviet ideas on women, Communism wouldn't be a bad thing, would it?" These questions are being asked by thousands today and every intelligent man and woman demands a reply...
  12. Communism From The Inside

    Communism From The Inside

    A Personal Note This pamphlet is written op the basis of my own personal experience. For twenty years, from the time I was seventeen, I was a member of the Communist Party, holding positions at all levels of the organization. I held responsible positions in a large number of its 'satellite'...
  13. The Sources Of Modern Attacks Against The Church

    The Sources Of Modern Attacks Against The Church

    During the past couple of years the American press has reported an unusually large number of attacks and charges against the Catholic Church. Taken individually, a great many of these charges are not serious enough to warrant any particular attention. Far too frequently they manifest themselves...