1. How to Make an Act of Perfect Contrition

    How to Make an Act of Perfect Contrition

    There is an Eastern tale called “The Peri and Paradise,” which very aptly introduces our subject. One of the fallen angels, so the story goes, was somehow left hovering between heaven and earth. He was given a chance to regain paradise if only he could find on earth the one thing most highly...
  2. Doubts in Matters of Faith

    Doubts in Matters of Faith

    Case: Adolf, a college student, mentions, in confession, that it appears to him that he has frequently sinned against faith. He says his faith is not strong, he is continually in a state of wavering, only his will to believe keeps him in the faith. The chief cause of his doubts is the attitude...
  3. Contrition, The Golden Key of Paradise

    Contrition, The Golden Key of Paradise

    Introduction At first sight of this little book, that bears the high-sounding title of “The Golden Key of Paradise,” perhaps, dear reader, you will be somewhat curious to know whether its contents are as good as its title. Perhaps you are inclined to shrug your shoulders and feel as you do when...
  4. Are You Scrupulous?

    Are You Scrupulous?

    "Scruples exist among people of every race," said Father O'Boyle, thoughtfully. "Yet scruples seem to be a disease peculiarly AngloSaxon." We were sitting in Father O'Boyle’s private room. From that room, for some twenty years or more, Father Francis J. O'Boyle has been going to class to teach...
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    Are You Scrupulous?

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