1. On Temporal Punishments

    On Temporal Punishments

    "Gather up ... the cockle ... to burn." — Matthew 13:30 Nothing is more amazing, nothing is more incomprehensible, than the wickedness of sinners. They know, it is taught to them, and it has been implanted in them from their earliest youth, why they are created, why they are in this world: that...
  2. Samuel

    Satanist to Catholic - Zachary King

    WARNING: Not suitable for children or younger/sensitive people! [url unfurl=false][/url] Zachary King's website mentioned towards the end of this video is:
  3. An Ex-Anglican's Conversion Story

    An Ex-Anglican's Conversion Story

    My first introduction to the Catholic Church was being spat in the eye by a Roman Catholic boy at school. He was bigger than I; so I let it pass. But I remembered he was a Roman Catholic. My next was at a magic-lantern entertainment to which I was taken by my mother. In the course of it there...