1. Samuel

    Q&A With Brother Nathanael
  2. Samuel

    Jews Are Not Israel Or The Chosen People

  3. Samuel

    Marching to Zion

  4. Samuel

    In The Name Of Zion, Documentary

    Documentary, over 6 hours long, giving us a different picture of geopolitics and world history, from WWI through to today. Very sobering! Watch on Bitchute: In The Name Of Zion Warning: viewer discretion advised.
  5. The Great Revolt Against Christ

    The Great Revolt Against Christ

    From the beginning of the world there have been two elements — the good and the bad — combating each other. “There must be scandals,” says our Lord; St. Michael and Lucifer combat each other in heaven; Cain and Abel in the family of Adam; Isaac and Ismael in the family of Abraham; Jacob and Esau...
  6. The Rosenthal Interview

    The Rosenthal Interview

    Foreword This booklet contains the text of a most revealing and shocking interview of a Jew by the name of Harold Rosenthal, which was conducted in 1976, by a concerned patriot, a Walter White Jr. Mr. Rosenthal, an influential Jew learned in the Jewish ways and involved in the workings of...
  7. The God Murdering People

    The God Murdering People

    Let us recall that an association under the name “Friends of Israel”, to which even cardinals and bishops belonged, was dissolved by his Holiness Pope Pius XI, by means of the Sacred Congregation of the Holy Office, in the year 1928; and that among the assertions condemned, assertions which the...
  8. Popes, Church Fathers and Saints Combat and Condemn the Jews

    Popes, Church Fathers and Saints Combat and Condemn the Jews

    The great Pope Gregory VII, the renowned Hildebrand, the great reformer and organiser of the Church, writes in a letter to King Alfonse VI of Castile in the year 1081: “We exhort your Royal Majesty not to further tolerate that the Jews rule Christians and have power over them. For to allow, that...