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    4th Industrial Revolution and New Zealand Roll

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    How is This a Thing?
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    Dr Tenpenny With Latest Update On Covid Death Jab

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    The Smallpox Biowar — a “perfect” scheme to cover up vaccine deaths and cancel elections
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    Rabbinical Court Decrees MRNA Jab “Absolutely Forbidden” For Children, Adolescents, Young Men & Women
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    Excess Deaths Point to Depopulation Agenda
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    Neil Oliver: it's not about what they say it's about..

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    Australian mandatory mask propagandists EXPOSED in major medical journal
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    The Aborted Fetal Cells And Vaccines Scandal
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    Countdown to ZERO IMMUNITY… vaccine victims are seeing their immune response drop by about 5% each week, with long-term consequences mirroring AIDS
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    Archbishop Exhorts the Italian People to Resist the Planetary Nightmare
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    “Papers Please” – New South Wales Australia Officially Celebrates Their First Day of Apartheid with The Introduction of Two Classes of Citizens
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    Part 1: The Lockdown
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    Petition of Patrick Szetey: Prevent any COVID-19 vaccine passport system
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    Warning call from Ireland: Marburg coming to a place near you!
  16. Reply to Fr. Sélégny's "Considerations on Vaccination Against Covid-19"

    Reply to Fr. Sélégny's "Considerations on Vaccination Against Covid-19"

    28th September 2021 Dear Fr. Sélégny, Re: “Considerations on Vaccination Against Covid-19” dated 24th September 2021 I write in response to the most recent article SSPX released on the morality of the vaccination and the Covid-19 situation. I’m writing as a deeply concerned medical doctor...
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    ! Are the Vaccines Affecting Our Spirituality? There May be More to it Than We Think
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    Iodine the new ivermectin: Government, media attacking all covid remedies that actually work
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    Traditionalists slam Latin Mass body for sanitizing abortion-tainted jabs