1. Samuel

    Archbishop Exhorts the Italian People to Resist the Planetary Nightmare
  2. Samuel

    ! Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, Planet Lockdown, Full Interview

  3. Samuel

    Archbishop Viganò Sends His Blessing To The Carmelite Sisters in Ireland

    You can read the letter in English and Italian on the Carmelites' website:
  4. The Fence Is About To Collapse!

    The Fence Is About To Collapse!

    July 7th, 2021 marks the fourteenth anniversary of Pope Benedict XVI’s Motu Proprio entitled Summorum Pontificum, which resulted in a great deal of growth in the traditional Catholic movement, and remains a thorn in the side of Francis/Bergoglio and his adherents who would be only too glad to...
  5. Samuel

    The “Parking Lot Priest” to Archbishop Viganò: “You are the warrior Prelate!”