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A correspondent writes to us directing attention to the manner in which the Prayers to be recited after Mass are said in many churches, implying not merely a deviation from the Rubrics, but an entire loss of the beautiful and helpful purpose for which they were ordered by the Sovereign Pontiff.

We refrain from printing the illustrations given from personal observation by the writer and merely recall here the proper manner of saying these Prayers in public.

  • In the first place they are to be said "junctis manibus". This excludes the method of reciting them with the chalice in hand. 
  • They are to be said "immediate expleto ultimo Evangelic" ; that is, before distributing Holy Communion or performing any other rite after Mass. 
  • Lastly, they are to be said "alternatim cum populo". This requires that they be said in a tone loud enough to be distinctly audible, slowly and devoutly, so that the people can follow and respond properly. There is a great deal of power or virtue in these prayers, especially the "Hail Holy Queen", and in the touching appeal at the end : "Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us", which, if rightly interpreted by the voice and manner of the priest, is as effective as a sermon, and brings the people in closer union with the officiating priest than much that he may say from the pulpit. It is therefore a great mistake to undervalue the care to be bestowed on the devout recitation of these prayers.