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The Science Before Science, Anthony RizziWhat is the key to the truth and power of science? Would a theory of everything disprove the soul? Is matter all there is? Can I keep science and my common sense? Can we travel back in time? Is it evolution or creation or …? Will scientists ever make a man? Will we ever create artificial intelligence? If so, what does that say about my worth? What is the ultimate source of our intellectual malaise?

Anthony Rizzi, a distinguished physicist, answers these questions and more.

"What a terrific book!!...The time is now. Philosophers, scientists, and the educated reader will profit enormously from this book." - Ralph McInerny, University of Notre Dame philosophy professor, Gifford Lecturer

"There is a pressing need for Anthony Rizzi's book, which reveals the link between science and man's deepest questions in a bold, clear and truthful way. His book is full of insights that readers will relish and want to read again and again to plumb their depths." - Marcus Grodi, host of The Journey Home, EWTN

"The Science Before Science ...provides much needed perspective." - Joseph Martin, Chief Scientist, Planetary Science Lab (retired), Lockheed Martin

To whet your appetite you can also watch a short series of documentaries/interviews on YouTube :

A guide to thinking and believing, this program features the Western Philosophical Tradition that poses a vision of reality rooted in the spiritual realm. This vision bespeaks the presence of an Almighty God. Discussed by distinguished physicist Dr. Anthony Rizzi and Marcus Grodi, they draw on this rich philosophical heritage to encourage you to look outside the box of the merely scientific to see the blazing glory of the God-filled world.