! A Response To Archbishop Fisher's Pastoral Letter On Vaccination

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Subject: My response to Archbishop Fishers pastoral letter

Attention: Archbishop Fisher

Your Grace

A lack of leadership in secular society can be difficult, and indeed has been for some decades in Australia and around the world. Yet a lack of leadership within the one true church of Christ the King, is a singular disaster.

Your recent pastoral letter to clergy, dated 10 August 2021, is truly a sad testament as to the state of the Church's leadership, or absence of it, within Australia. One of necessity need object to the ignorance, arrogance and gross imprudence of its content.

Given the length of the document I shan't waste either of our time with all of it, but will restrain myself to two points.

You rightly point out that clergy should give good example, however, you seem to imply ignorance and imprudence are good example.

Ignorance of the official figures that are freely available to any individual genuinely seeking the truth with regard the tally of deaths, attributable to the very vaccines you are recommending be encouraged to the faithful, and taken by the clergy, is appalling in this case. The fact that any drug trial is automatically terminated immediately if there are multiple deaths, twenty five globally will do it. It makes one wonder why you would place yourself in the position of counselling people to enter a drug trial, when we now officially have in excess of fifty thousand deaths, and none are allowed to even ask a question. You don't think that is strange? And when exactly did Christ commission clergy to become hawkers of pharmaceutical products? Or give health advice? Or act as government agents? Or be coercive to seek to manipulate the consciences of the faithful?

The fact that you perceive an obligation to give health advice is extraordinary when you seem unable, and indeed unwilling, to carry out your actual directive from Christ the King. At the very time when the sacramental need was most urgent, you and your brother priests were hiding under your beds, taking unlawful and illegitimate orders not from Christ the King, but from the government whom you have decided to serve instead. There will be no hiding at your personal judgement, though looking around the Catholic clergy it is clear to the casual observer, that many have lost their faith long ago. More concerned with their skin than their souls.

Imprudence on so many levels it is embarrassing. You are obviously listening to government and the media. Health advice from a government who has legislated the murder for unborn children right up to the day of birth. The same government who even protect the murderers from any scrutiny. Euthanasia. Sodomy. I could go on, but you get the idea. I'm sure we can trust them. And the mainstream media ever baying for the same agenda. They have been panicking the population for eighteen months with horror stories a plenty. Where is the evidence? Where are the autopsies? Australia had less deaths last year than any previous year. We normally have three hundred thousand cases of flu each year in Australia. Last year we had twenty one thousand. WHY? Strangely enough everyone had Covid, a disease that has as yet not been isolated, and therefore is not 'scientifically' demonstrated to even exist. That's empirical science. Emotion has replaced science, even within the Church. The average age of death for Australians is 81. The average age of presumed covid death is 85. Perhaps we should all get covid and live four years longer.

While you are listening to the government and the media, some of us are listening to Nobel prize winning leaders in their fields, who are screaming from the rooftops the alarm. You on the other hand are apparently listening to the fact checkers who are silencing them. Those faceless untouchable individuals sitting in their Facebook or Google cubicle 'fact checking' information they know so little about, it borders on criminal that they can censure those who are in fact leaders in their fields. And still the bell is apparently silent within you.

It is abundantly clear for anyone with the slightest degree of common sense, that none of this unscientific emotional nonsense has anything to do with a virus. Every human being is apparently safe at Bunnings and the football, but not in church? There are many people around the world currently gathering evidence for the next Nuremberg trial. The premier of NSW and some of her ministers are guilty of crimes against humanity. She is well outside of many federal laws, Bio security act 2015 section 60 & 61, Australian Privacy Amendment act 2020 section H94, not to mention the Australian Constitution. Many NSW police, and other states, are well outside the 1914 crimes act, and are themselves criminals. The suicide rate is culpable in and of itself.

If the states have the right to override federal legislation, the Australian Constitution and indeed high court precedent, then Australia is open to every tyranny by any individual who happens to ascend to the position of state premier and decides to exercise dictatorial rule. I don't think our forefathers were that stupid. I'm pretty sure they didn't expect their offspring would be either.

We have Australian troops at check points on Australian roads policing Australians, and people required to obtain a permit to leave Sydney. What's next if people refuse to comply. Do we shoot them? Do they have to start loading people into railway cars before you get with the program? Wake up! The culpable ignorance that has been on display from the Australian clergy, and the bishops in particular, is frankly disgraceful.

And just for the record, Pope Francis does not have his own magisterium. Nor is every thought bubble he has a part of the magisterium. When I am looking for guidance, it is unlikely I will look to the sodomy-ridden, scandal-plagued group of hand-picked heretics side-tracked worshipping their pagan pachamama, that currently infest the Vatican. As a Catholic, that would be grossly imprudent. I have the Magisterium of the ages to inform me. It tells me that murder is murder no matter how remote. It also tells me that it is not just about the murder, and the appalling use of foetal tissues, but about the dignity of the temple of the Holy Spirit, that has not only been violated and desecrated, but tortured, as the organs were extracted while the baby was still living. There was no burial or any appropriate reverence for that temple, made for the glory of God by God's own will. Seen in His eye before time began. I wonder if God thought the child remote in His mind's eye, before He created the firmament?

So when I use the terms ignorant, arrogant and imprudent, I am being most gracious. When these protesters are marching for their freedom, EVERY catholic bishop should be at the front. Now if only we can find a Catholic Bishop in Australia.

I will seek your forgiveness if you consider me a little blunt, but I expect this kind of intellectual incompetence from uneducated rabble. I expect Christ's Princes would at least exercise some level of conscientiousness when it comes to assisting their flocks, and their clergy. Your pastoral letter does not reflect Catholic teaching, and should be retracted immediately. It is a blight upon the Catholic historical landscape in this country. Given some of the other garbage that has come out of curia's around this country, that is a pretty big call!

Yours in Christ, still my King

Robert Smith



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We must pray so much for our priests and bishops who seem to be listening to the voice of man [and lies] rather than the voice of God and Truth. Thank you for posting.