Arch Vigano's response to TC, (excerpt)


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"...Never under this "pontificate" has the abuse of power by authority been [so] perceptible, not even when two thousand years of lex orandi were immolated by Paul VI on the altar of Vatican II, imposing on the Church a rite as equivocal as it is hypocritical. That imposition, to which corresponded the prohibition to celebrate in the ancient rite and the persecution of dissenters, had at least the alibi of the illusion that a change would perhaps have raised the fortunes of Catholicism in the face of an increasingly secularized world. Today, after fifty years of immense disasters and fourteen years of Summorum Pontificuм, that tenuous justification is not only no longer valid, but its inconsistency has been defeated by the evidence of the facts. All that the Council has brought has been harmful; it has emptied churches, seminaries and convents; it has destroyed ecclesiastical and religious vocations; it has drained every spiritual, cultural and civil impulse of Catholics; it has humiliated the Church of Christ and confined it to the margins of society, making it pathetic in its clumsy attempt to please the world...."