Easter Monday

Dear Faithful,

We are celebrating the Resurrection of Our Lord from the dead. Our Lord has conquered death. No longer is it something to be feared. Now death is the gateway to eternal life. We read in the Introit for today’s Mass “The Lord has brought you into a land flowing with milk and honey, alleluia.” This land flowing with milk and honey is the Church. We are blessed to be children of the Church. The milk and honey we receive are the supernatural gifts of grace that are sweetness for our souls and also for our hearts. We are very blessed to be children of the Church.

Today however the Church is enduring its passion. It is despised and insulted and ridiculed. As the priests, levites and Pharisees were guilty of despising, mocking, insulting and persecuting Our Lord. It was the High Priest who said that He must die; and it was the Holy Ghost speaking through the High Priest. This is because it was only by the death of Our Lord that life came to the world. His mission was to die to appease the wrath of the Father and merit eternal life for those willing to be united with Him.

The Pope and bishops and priests are imitating their predecessors in the Old Testament and joining the world in despising the Church, mocking the Church and insulting the Church. The Pope is “apologising” for great triumphs and victories of the Church over the infidel. Events the Church has always gloried in; events that the Church has always thanked God for the victory. Now the Pope apologises to the enemies of Christ the King. The Pope and Bishops are guilty of treason. Caiaphas and Annas were also guilty of treason in not accepting Jesus as the Messiah. They also failed in their mission which was to announce Christ as the Messiah to the people.

Our Lord overcame and formed His Church to carry on His mission to the end of time. To give to the people the milk of solid doctrine and the honey of a soul at peace with God. To raise us from this earthly life and make us members of God’s family and heirs of heaven. We must not forget in these days of universal corruption that we are merely wayfarers in this world. Heaven is our homeland.

St. Peter told the High Priest. It is better to listen to God than to men. He refused to listen to the High Priest because the High Priest was not speaking with the voice of God. He was speaking with a strange voice that the true Children of God could not recognise. This is our case today. We cannot listen to the Pope and Bishops. They are not speaking as men of God. Rather they are talking the talk and walking the walk of the world. In this way they are leading souls that follow them to Hell. If we wish to remain Catholic; remain children of God; remain heirs of heaven then we must separate ourselves from the Pope and Bishops. We must also separate ourselves from those who are united with them; or who are trying to be united with them. Archbishop Lefebvre clearly said that priests who wish to remain Catholic must separate from the Conciliar Church, that is, from the pope and bishops. Modernism is an insidious heresy that infects a priest (likewise a layman) without him being aware of it. The evil thinking that is modernism corrupts the mind without the awareness of the person receiving this doctrine. He loses his ability to see the error. What he once knew was evil now appears to not be so bad, or not bad at all. Then it becomes acceptable. He has lost his love for the Truth. We need to watch and pray not to fall into the temptation of modernism. And we need to avoid associating with modernists and men teetering on the edge of modernism as are the priests of the SSPX.

The SSPX are betraying the faithful more and more. Now they are closing the priory in Harare and abandoning the Zimbabwe faithful. We need to pray for all the faithful who cannot get the sacraments that they persevere in the faith. Christ has conquered it is time for all of us to rejoice and ask Him to unite us to Him in His victory.

Fr. MacDonald, Brisbane, Australia.



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How true, it is better to listen to God than to men! We must also pray for the faithful priests to persevere in the Truth without compromise, as we all know the Father of Lies is very cunning and does not sleep. Yes we must all be vigilant.