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Fr. MacDonald

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Sr. Lucy, based on her revelations from Our Lady of Fatima, prophesied that the whole world would go communist. Communism depends upon atheism. Those who hope to be happy for ever in heaven are not interested in a "workers paradise" in this world. Those who think that this life is all their is are attracted by the idea. The entire western world is now in practice atheist. Even many of those who claim to believe in God live as if there were no God. The Conciliar Popes, especially JPII and Francis, have promoted atheistic lifestyles by effectively teaching that the ten commandments do not apply. It is not surprising that communists have such power in New Zealand.

Supporting the opposition is no solution. We need to get rid of party politics.

Niall McConnell has started a political party so he doesn't understand completely the solution.


But he clearly states that only the sword of Our Lord Jesus Christ can oppose the modern evils. He neglects to mention that the Blessed Virgin Mary is as terrible as an army in battle array, "Who is she that cometh forth as the morning rising, fair as the moon, bright as the sun, terrible as an army set in array?"

McConnell mentions attacks on the Angelus. Since long before the Council the RTE, both radio and TV, has stopped at noon and six pm. The announcer says "we break for the Angelus" and then the Angelus is played (i.e. the ringing of the bells.) Probably they have recently stopped having the break for the Angelus.