Fr. MacDonald, Our Lady Help of Christians


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Message received from Fr. MacDonald and posted with his permission.

Dear Faithful of Australia and New Zealand,

The Feast of our Patroness, Our Lady Help of Christians, is normally celebrated on the 24th of May. This year that was Pentecost Monday. Feasts occurring during the Octave of Pentecost are either suppressed or transferred. A First Class Feast is transferred to the next free day. Today we celebrated the Queenship of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Tomorrow, June 1st is the first free day. So tomorrow we will celebrate the Feast of Our Holy and very powerful patroness.

We should pray to Her for the universal needs of the Church, e.g, the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, the conversion of the Pope and Bishops, etc. And we should pray to her for the particular needs of our nations. For example the end of the communist regimes running our nations, manifesting themselves with the tyrannies to which we are presently subject, for example, illegal imprisonment of honest citizens through quarantines, lockdowns and house arrests (aka self isolation). Attacks on our nature with face mask and distancing requirements, and bodily assaults with swabs and 'vaccinations'. Border closures, border passes and the like are certainly communist control devices, as is contact tracing.

Allowing a fragile "bubble" between Australia and New Zealand is supposed to be appreciated as a great gift from our benevolent governments but it is not. Free travel between our nations benefits them both in culturally and economically and now during this crisis in the Church also religiously.

The Blessed Virgin Mary is more powerful than an army in battle array and can easily defeat the communist regimes. However, she wants us to desire this and pray for this. We She defeated the Turks in the Battle of Lepanto the Christian nations wanted this victory and prayed for it, as well as training and fighting courageously. Pope St. Pius V was the only Christian leader who understood the threat that the Turks posed and the necessity of defeating them. The Christian kings were quite complacent. The Pope knew that the real battle was spiritual. That the Turk's goal was to defeat Christendom. They wanted to bring Europe under Sharia Law and enslave the Christians. The Pope using much pray and skilled diplomacy raised a Christian force and chose for his champion young (24 years old) Don Juan of Austria to lead them. The Christian forces had a great victory over the Turks which the Pope attributed to Our Lady of the Rosary. He inserted the title "Help of Christians" into the Litany in thanksgiving for this victory.

Pope Pius VII refused to allow Napoleon to rob the Church of her prerogatives. In response Napoleon had the Pope arrested and keep under close guard from 1809 to 1814. The pope attributed his release in 1814 to Our Lady Help of Christians and ordered her feast to be celebrated on May 24 the day upon which he was able to return to Rome.

Today we have a serious crisis in the Church in that the Pope and Bishops are modernists and do not have the Catholic Faith. They have denied Our Lord Jesus Christ. The nations have also rejected Our Lord Jesus Christ saying 'this man will not reign over us.'

We need to pray to Our Lady under her title of Help of Christians (Auxilium Christianorum) for the Church and for our nations of which she is the patroness. That the wrath of God might be appeased and that Australia and New Zealand will convert to become Catholic nations.

Those who can go to Mass on this feast should do so. Those who cannot should ask Our Lady that this situation might end.

God bless,

Fr. MacDonald