Promises To Sweet St Mechtilde By The Most Holy Trinity



The Matins of St. Elizabeth had already commenced, when it became apparent that St. Mechtilde was about to expire; the community were therefore summoned again from the choir to assist her happy death. OUR LORD then appeared to the dying Saint as a Spouse radiant with beauty, crowned with honour and glory and said to her tenderly: "Now My beloved, I will honor you before your neighbors; that is before this congregation, which is so dear to Me."

Then HE saluted her soul in an ineffable manner by each of HIS Wounds, so that each saluted her in four different manners: namely, by a melodious harmony, by an efficacious vapor, by a fruitful dew and by a marvelous light. Thus did OUR LORD call His elect one to Himself: the exquisite harmony indicated all the loving words which she had addressed to God, or uttered for the benefit of others and these words were fructified exceedingly by passing through the Divine Heart. The vapor signified all her desires for the glory of God or the salvation of her neighbor; and these desires were marvelously increased passing through the Wounds of JESUS. The dew which poured forth so abundantly represented the love which she had for God, or for any creature for HIS sake; and it was so greatly increased in sweetness by these sacred Wounds. The marvelous light signified all the sufferings which she had endured since her infancy, either in body or mind, which were ennobled beyond all human power of comprehension by union with the Passion of Christ; and that her soul was sanctified thereby, and impressed with the marks of Divinity charity.

The enjoyment of these heavenly consolations restored even the bodily strength of the dying religious, after she continued aspiring after the joys on which she was so soon to enter. OUR LORD then poured forth an abundant benediction on all who were present saying: Moved by the ardor of My love, I desire that each member of My beloved congregation should assist at this transfiguration, and that they should receive as much honour from the blessed in Paradise as My chosen ones, Peter, James and John, who assisted at My Transfiguration on the Mount, received from the Apostles.

Then the religious said: "LORD what benefit will they gain from these graces who do not perceive them by any interior sweetness?" HE replied: When a nobleman bestows an orchard on a friend, he does not at once taste the fruit, as he must wait until they ripen. Thus, when I pour forth precious gifts on a soul, she does not perceive their sweetness until they are fructified by the exercise of exterior virtues; but when the skin of earthly pleasures and consolations is removed, then she can taste the interior consolation.

The community now returned to the choir to say Matins. At the twelfth Response, O lampas, this soul appeared standing before the BLESSED TRINITY, praying devoutly for the Church.

Then GOD THE FATHER saluted her lovingly by these words:

"Ave, electa mea" (Hail My elect one), who by the example of your life, may truly be called the lamp of the Church, abounding in oil - that is, your prayers for the whole world.

Then the SON OF GOD addressed her thus: "Gaude, sponsa mea" (Rejoice O My spouse), who may truly be called the medicament of grace, since by your prayers you have obtained the restoration of so many to My favor.

The HOLY GHOST added "Ave, immaculata mea" (Hail My spotless one, ) who may be called the nurse of the faithful, since you have fed and nourished so many spiritually.

After this the ETERNAL FATHER conferred on her, by His omnipotence, the grace of assisting those who, through human frailty, distrusted the Divine mercy and of strengthening in them the gift of hope;

the HOLY GHOST conferred on her the privilege of enkindling fervor and love in cold and tepid hearts;

lastly the SON OF GOD gave her, through the merit of His most Precious Death and Passion, the grace of curing souls enfeebled by sin.

The celestial choirs then chanted, in a clear and sonorous voice, "Tu Dei saturitas olivia fructifera, cujus lucet", they honored the sweet repose which OUR LORD had taken in her; at the words "etresplendent", they praised the pure intention which had animated all her actions, in conclusion, all the Saints chanted the Antiphon "Deus palim omnibus."

During the Preface of the High Mass, OUR LORD appeared to ST. MECHTILDE, drawing her toward Him, and imparting new graces and favors to her soul, as if to prepare her for the enjoyment of eternal beatitude. At last the joyful moment came when she was to pass the eternal embraces of her Spouse; and the LORD OF GLORY, Who is so great in His majesty and so tender in His love, invited her to Him saying, "Come, blessed of MY FATHER, possess the Kingdom prepared for you. (Matt. 25:34).

He reminded her also of the signal favor which He had conferred on her some years before, by giving her HIS Heart, as He said these words, to be her consolation and protection. Then He said:

And where is MY gift?

In reply, she offered Him her heart, plunging it into HIS and OUR LORD touched her heart with His, absorbing her into HIMSELF, and putting her into possession of eternal glory, where we hope she will obtain many favors for us by her intercession.

As the usual prayers were recited after her decease, OUR LORD appeared, enthroned in Glory, and this soul reposed upon His bosom. As the words"Subvenite sancti Dei, occurrite angeli", were read, the Angels testified their reverence for her who had been thus honored by their KING; and they appeared as if adorned by the prayers of this soul, whom they had assisted by their prayers when she received the last anointing. The Saints also acted in like manner.

Then the religious asked the deceased to pray for some persons in whom she had a special interest, that they might overcome their defects. She replied: "Now that I see all things in the light of truth, I know that all the affection which I entertained for anyone when in the world was but a drop in the ocean when compared to the love of the Divine Heart for them; and it is by a salutary providence that God permits their defects, that they may be humbled on account of them. Thus they daily attain greater perfection; and since I know this to be the Will of God for them, I can desire and ask nothing else for them but what HIS wisdom ordains; and I continually adore this dispensation, and pray that it may be perfectly accomplished."

On the following day, at the Mass Requiem aeternam, ST MECHTILDE appeared to place little golden tubes from the Heart of JESUS to those who had a special devotion to her, and thus obtained for them From the Heart of God whatever they desired. Each tube had a golden key, by which that is, by the following or similar words they could obtain whatever they desired: "O good JESUS, I beseech Thee to hear me, through the merits and prayers of ST. MECHTILDE and Thy other Saints, by the mercy which disposed Thee to pour forth on them, and on other elect souls, Thy favors and graces"; and we may be assured these words will incline the Divine Mercy to comply with our desires.

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