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So you're in New Zealand and you would like to know if you need to wear a mask according to New Zealand's Covid legislation?

Step 1: Check to our face mask fact check form to work out whether or not you qualify for an exemption. (This form is made by us and it simply puts the relevant government legislation into plain english and a format that is easy to understand.

HINT: It would be hard for you not to qualify. There is a complete exemption if you have any condition (physical or mental) that makes wearing a face covering unsuitable. Shortness of breath, anxiety or critical thinking are examples of conditions that many people consider makes the wearing a face coving unsuitable for them.

Step 2: If, having reviewed the above face mask fact check form, you consider you qualify for an exemption, please download a mask exemption card here.

We suggest you print out and keep the plain exemption with you to produce when boarding public transport including on buses, trains and planes in NZ. You could also take a photo or screenshot of the form and keep it on your phone to present as you wish.

Examples of conversations we have had:

Flight Attendant: Do you need a mask? Have you got your mask?

Us: No, I have an exemption.

Flight Attendant: OK thank you.


Flight Attendant: Do you need a mask? Have you got your mask?

Us: No, I have an exemption.

Flight Attendant: What is your exemption? [They have no legal right to require you answer this question but in interests of being agreeable you can reply…]

Us: I have a condition that makes wearing a mask unsuitable.

Flight Attendant: What is your condition? [Again, they have no right to require a response to this]

Us: I prefer not to say thank you OR state your condition.

Note that there is no requirement to have to show any paperwork to back up your exemption claim. You are not required to verbalise any reason or show any written document (from a doctor or otherwise). However, we know that many people find standing up for their rights intimidating so that is where you may simply find it easier to produce a document.

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I agree we MUST take a stand or we`ve lost the fight. Very encouraging to see many others don`t blindly follow govt recommendations. After all God did give us the gift of reason so we must use it. Our future depends on it.