SSPX in lalaland


Staff member

I just received news of the following email being sent to the SSPX's publishing department, by a faithful who is about to lose his job:

To Whom it may concern,

I am quite disappointed in your journalistic abilities when it comes to reporting on the vaccine. The worldwide agenda that governments are making mandates for vaccinations and people are losing their jobs, like myself, is in the news. Your neglect of research where people are opposing it and government police forces are beating protesters who are protesting peacefully. I am appalled at your lack of enthusiastic concern for the well being of those fighting for their right to not be test rodents for an experimental drug. There is so much evidence of persecution and you show nothing. Then you come out with an article by Fr Selegny that is so ladeeda you end up wondering is there any journalistic ability on this sight at all.

God Bless and may Our Lady give you the strength to open your eyes.

[name withheld]

Indeed, where is the SSPX, supposed to be the salt of the earth, a light on top of a bushel?