The Irish Nationalist Party



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Síol na hÉireann

Ireland Belongs To The Irish!

We are a Pro-Life Nationalist party dedicated to the creation of a Sovereign, United, Christian Ireland. We believe that our most precious possession is our ancient Irish heritage, language and culture. That sacred heritage is under assault from EU rule, liberalism and Anti-Irish far-left ideology. The traitors in Dail Éireann care more about PC liberal causes than the Irish people.

Síol na hÉireann is a new Christian nationalist movement, we believe that Ireland is a Christian nation. We are unflinching in our belief in the Right To Life of the unborn child, a 32 County United Ireland and we want to bring the control of Ireland back to the Irish people, not Foreign Bureaucrats!

Ireland Belongs To The Irish!

Niall McConnell

Ceannaire Síol na hÉireann.