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From CathInfo:

This past friday, February 23, 2018, the ultra-liberal 'bishop' Foys of the diocese of Covington, KY visited the sspx school/chapel of Our Lady of the Assumption.  He toured the highschool and grade school buildings, as well as the chapel and had lunch with the prior, Fr Musha, and some other school officials.  When he visited the grade-school building, grades K-7, he was greeted with catholic hyms sung by the children.

Many parents found out about this visit only the night before, and some parents kept their children home from school that day.  One parishoner told me that he texted Fr Musha and asked what was going on.  Fr told him that (paraphrasing) "Bishop Foys asked to visit and since he's our bishop, we didn't want to say no."  Fr offered to meet and discuss this event in person with the parishoner, but Fr has not responded to attempts to schedule.

This parishoner also told me that last year, when Fr Waggner was in town, that he and Fr Musha visited Bishop Foys' office and said hello.


My opinion is that this is a test, to see what kind of 'outcry' there will be from the school and laity.  The school has over 200 children and the parish is around 400-500 people overall - a very large, and rapidly growing chapel.  I also think this is a form of pyschological war, to condition the laity to slowly accept the future reality of being under the local bishop.  I'm sure this is not an isolated incident and has happened at other chapels around the country.


Here is a run-down of the 'greatest hits' of this ultra-liberal, Bishop Foys.

1) The Northern KY 'right to life' group is one of the most conservative and active groups in all of KY.  There are so many catholics in the N.Ky and Cincinnati area that this 'right to life' group often affects many political races and has done countless good.  Bishop Foys has told his diocese to cut ties with this group because they are 'not collaborative' with opposing views.

2.  Bishop Foys denied the printing of an advertisement in the diocesan newspaper for a public rosary march in honor of Our Lady of Fatima, organized by traditionals in the area.

3.  The Covington diocese has a very active homosexual community, supported by the Bishop.