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Even though we have just lost Fr. Pancras who returned to the Diocese and celebrated a Latin-Tamil mass, our two confreres, Fr. Valan Rajakumar and Fr. Suneel Pio, are developing the missions very well, especially in Goa, Bombay and Chennai. Perhaps an Indian priest from Goa will soon compensate for the loss of Fr. Pancras, or maybe the compensation was a pre-seminarist who joined us at the Priory of Our Lady of the Rosary.

The biggest problem we face is the catastrophic use of contraception in India. All the Mass centres are affected. The difference with the Neo-SSPX is that we do warn the faithful very strongly and openly. Thankfully, the trend is finally reversing in all our centres, except in the village of RN Kandighai, which is literally threatened with extinction in the long term, within the next 20 to 30 years. The [Village] Chiefs and the Legion of Mary came to see us to discuss the problem and to offer the priests their help.

If we do not react energetically, we would certainly be an empty shell, just as the progressive church.

We must understand that the social, family and particularly governmental pressure is enormous, as explained to me by these two husbands who, although married, look forward to their fourth child. They inculcated in their first three children an aversion for all modern gadgets and they are homeschooling. As in New Zealand, other families are following suit.

We must truly admire the extraordinary courage of these families, who will certainly give us vocations in the future, instead of that rotten and worldly middle class that lost the battle before it began.

In Goa, the diocese praises communist Oscar Romero, who was recently "beautified" by Francis, in a perfectly bad taste. Same treatment for Mother Theresa.

However, the beauty of the Portuguese civilization still shines in Goa, despite the invasion.

Father John recently celebrated Mass on the tomb of St. Francis Xavier for a group of twenty faithful we have in Panjim. I begged Fr. Valan to give them Mass on Sunday, because the large families cannot get to Margao, in the south, where we have 60 faithful. Another enclave of twenty faithful hardly ever has mass. We are at the end of our resources. That is why, after Fr. John, I begged Fr. Blair to pull himself together and finally make the jump. He's already out of the Diocese circuit and has the required qualities. We especially count on your prayers for this intention.

Other priests who visit us still have a long way to go like this one, from the Diocese of Hyderabad, where we have about 15 faithful.

You can see the quality of the construction of Fr. Valan's Priory... and it is not even finished, because the facade is far from finished. They will carve a statue of the Blessed Virgin surrounded by climbing roses, from the top of a balcony with fine white columns surrounded in light blue... In the meantime, we are always amazed by the Church of St. Anthony of Chennai, very much to the local taste as it should be. Like your Indian brothers, continue the fight dear friends.

In Jesus and Mary,

Francois Chazal+